NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe - NICe

The Spirit of Innovation

The NIKKEN Innovation Centre for Europe is a new facility built to provide innovative solutions to the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems. The Centre demonstrates Nikken’s capabilities on seven machining centres, which cover a diverse cross section of the industry. Such industries include small to medium Engineering Manufacturers, High Precision part production to the rigid machines required to take heavy cuts in Titanium and Inconel for the Aerospace industry.

The building contains a 30-seat conference hall which can be used to house meetings and training seminars.


Our machine capability expands across the majority of possible spindle configurations: HSK63A, 40 TAPER DIN6971, BT40, BT30 and Dual Contact BT50; and most controllers: Fanuc 31i, Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC-530 and Brother CNC-C00. Iindividual machines also incorporate Nikken Rotary tables for 4th or 5th Axis capability.

Doosan NHM 6300 (Horizontal Machining Centre):

  • Nikken CNC501TFA Rotary table   
  • Nikken Xtreme Titanium test cutting
  • 8,000 max RPM 22/35kW spindle
  • NBT50 Dual Contact spindle taper
  • Horizontal twin pallets
  • Fanuc 31i Model-b

  Doosan DNM 5700 (Vertical Machining Centre):

  • Nikken CNC260 Alpha 21 Single Axis Rotary Table + Trunnion (using Macro B function for positioning)
  • Renishaw OMP60 + OTS Probing System
  • Bed Size = 1300 x 570mm
  • NBT40 Dual Contact Spindle = 12,000rpm
  • Spindle Motor = AC11/18.5kW
  • Tool Carousel = 30 Tools
  • Controller = Fanuc 0iMF
  • Coolant through Spindle = 20 Bar

Chiron DZ15W High Speed (Vertical Machining Centre):
    • High productivity tooling solutions
    • 12,000 max RPM  7.5/15kW
    • HSK 63A Twin Spindle

Bridgeport XR1000 (Vertical Machining Centre):
   • Nikken 5AX-350ZA
   • 15,000 max RPM 18.5kW
   • BT40 Spindle Taper
   • Heidenhain iTNC-530

Brother Speedio RX450 X1 (Vertical Machining Centre):
  • 5AX capability
  • 16,000 max RPM 6.7/10.1kW
  • BT30 spindle taper

Elbo Controlli S.R.L - Presetters
Alberti Umberto S.R.L - Angle Heads & Spindle Optimisation
Triag - Workholding

Calendar of Events at NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe)

NICe Directions & Map

NICe Directions & Map

Map showing location and directions to NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe in pdf format.

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