Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E346i Tool Presetter

Nikken E346 Tool Presetter

Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E346i Tool Presetter

Our new E346i Tool Presetting machine moves the benchmark for ‘entry level’ tool presetting and is a welcome addition to our latest generation of advanced tool presetting machines.

Re-engineered from the ground up and featuring completely new mechanics and electronics the E346i features a ground granite base and column, electro-welded and de-tensioned steel construction with an ergonomic design. These features are combined with a new larger 9" TFT LCD Touch Screen that provides full operator control via an intuitive icon system allowing functional simplicity that is second to none. Also included as standard is the capability to inspect the cutting edge.

The precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and utilises a one piece cartridge - eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use.

Also included with our E236N model is our TD346 software package. Working via your DNC system the software converts measured tool data into CNC code for transferring via your network into the machine controller and associated tool offset pages (1st twenty uses for TD346 are free – an additional Dongle is available as an option).



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Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E346i Tool Presetter

Measuring range: X axis Ø360mm: Z Axis 460 mm

Standard Equipment

  • Machine structure in electro-welded and de-tensioned steel
  • Base and column made of natural granite: linearity max error 2μm/Mt certification with Taylor Hobson res. 1μm/Mt electronic millesimal level
  • ISO/BT interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (size to be specified)
  • max run-out error < 2 μm
  • Double vault arc prismatic slideways: 2 for X axis slideways, 1 for Z axis slideway Double vault arc prismatic slideways: 2 for X axis slideways, 1 for Z axis slideway
  • Double re-circulating ball bearing slides, lubricated for life (preloaded slides/slideways: P/H class)
  • Manual mechanical braking of the interchangeable spindle-holder rotation
  • Constant load Archimedean spiral spring (as opposed a mass counter-balance system)
  • Vision-system for tool measuring including:
  • TFT colour 110 x 200 mm image size, magnifications 25X
  • C-MOS sensor-framed image area 4,8 x 4,8 mm
  • Cutting tool inspection (option)
  • Machine operator interface through:
  • TFT 9” colour Touch Screen
  • ELBO CONTROLLI firmware
  • Data storage on Flash memory

Standard software:

  • 9 numerical machine origin management
  • 9 numerical tool tables management, each of them composed of 99 tools
  • Tool corrector specific storage of: T, Lx, Lz, insert radius
  • Td346 (Tool Data 346) to manage backup and restore functions, machine origins and tool tables.
  • Connection to the PC with an USB port and electronic Bios upgrade
  • Analog comparators to measure on the fix reticule
  • Telecentric lens and LED illuminator
  • Axes resolution: X = 1 μm, Z = 1 μm
  • Overall dimensions: L = 598mm, H = 901mm, D = 408mm

Case Studies

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive


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