Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E46L Tool Presetter


Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E46L Tool Presetter

Our E46L is a completely new model for 2016 redesigned and reengineered from the ground up! The brand new concept ergonomic platform is completely free-standing on its own integral base; the NEW E46L features oversized ground granite and stainless steel construction combined and equipped with a 22’’ HD touch-screen monitor. The touch screen system is innovatively portrait mounted for easy viewing and operation. The screen layout and simple to use icon based software design, which is spilt into two distinct sections, not only displays visible images of the current tool and profile, but additionally allows access to the full functionality and new capabilities of the software and integral tool management system.

The precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and can accommodate cartridges for all types of machine tapers covering HSK, ISO, VDI, BT CAPTO, etc. Incorporated within the spindle is our innovative universal mechanical clamping system with electronic tool clamping confirmation.

The innovative, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS LINUX based, software system features automatic recognition of the spindle via SP-ID (NFC - Spindle Identification System). This system allows the Presetter to identify each spindle cartridge as it is loaded and pinpoints or suggests the correct machine origins, whenever the spindle is changed.

The Presetter features numerous outputs including several USB ports and a network capability. This allows for the transfer of post processed tool offset data from the tool management system, via a network or even memory stick, to the numerical control of individual machine tools(depending on both the network and CNC controller capability).

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Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E46L Tool Presetter

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Elbo Controlli-NIKKEN E46L Tool Presetter
  • Measuring range: diameter max 400 mm (radius 200 mm); height max 600 mm.
  • Machine structure in stainless steel offering high mechanical durability and long life, floor mounted with 3 fixed supports and 1 adjustable support in steel.
  • Base and column made of ground granite: linearity max error 2 μm/m certification with Taylor Hobson res.1 μm/m electronic millesimal level.
  • ISO/BT/HSK/VDI …... etc. Interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (to be specified) max run-out error < 2 μm.
  • Spindle-holder identification system (SP-ID) with NFC technology to automatically identify the spindle-holder after each replacement.
  • Double vault arc prismatic slideways: 2 for X axis slideways, 1 for Z axis slideway.
  • Double re-circulating ball bearing slides, lubricated for life (3) (preloading slides/slideways: P/H class).
  • Universal mechanical tool clamping managed via software. (ISO/BT tools only).
  • Tool-holder taper connection control (run-out test, ISO/BT tools only).
  • Pneumatic-mechanic braking of the spindle-holder rotation with radial compensation of the clamping force: no axis angular run error.
  • Constant load Archimedean spiral spring (as opposed to a mass counter-balance system).
  • Vision-system for tool measuring and cutting inspection consisting of:
    • C-MOS sensor - Framed image area 10 x 10mm.
    • Magnifications 26X with 2X and 4X digital zoom capability.
    • Bi-telecentric lens
    • Optical doublets at low F/Number in order to eliminate the error of the clearness circle
    • Red light episcopic leds illuminator with ring lens, red light diascopic led puntiform illuminator
  • Machine operator interface through:
    • Full HD LCD 22" colour Touch Screen monitor
    • Intel I3 Quad Core Processor
    • UBUNTU 14.04 LTS LINUX operating system
    • Data storage on solid state disk SSD
    • X and Z axes block management with control maximum speed of translation 2mm/sec.
    • 4 USB ports (keyboard, mouse, Dymo printer and one spare) and 1 LAN port
  • Standard software:
    • NC machine origin management and adapters
    • Tool list creation and/or single tool
    • Automatic change of CNC machine origin allocation
    • Tools set and Post Processor universal generator
    • Magnetic chip code-holders (Balluff for example, hardware not included)
    • Printable tool set report
    • Theoretical measurements and tolerances management
  • ELBO CONTROLLI Linear Transducers in optical glass type SLIDE 371 certified HP laser:
    • Axes resolution: X= 1 μm, Z= 1 μm
  • Anti-dust cover provided for when not in use.
  • Overall dimensions: Length = 1282 mm, Height = 1874 mm, Depth = 672 mm
  • Net weight: ~ 255 Kg


  • Spindle index in four angular positions: 0°-90°-180°-270°.
  • C Axis display spindle body and spindle-holder.
  • Spindle-holder Identification System (SP-ID) for additional spindle-holder, mounted on the interchangeable spindle.

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