Nikken RAC Boring

Nikken RAC Boring Head

Nikken RAC Boring

Nikken RAC Boring Heads feature a precision ground serration, giving perfect contact and balance between the holder and head. RAC heads have been designed for large diameter boring operations and roughing.

Available as standard on Nikken 2-Lock for both BT and DIN tapers our boring base holders also offer the benefits of dual contact for both flange and taper on suitable machine tools (2-Lock is also fully compatible with standard BT/DIN type spindles). 2-Lock increases the contact area considerably from around 44.4mm to 63mm (BT40) and also, as with all our NC tooling products, provides users with over 80% taper contact as standard. Additional standard options of course also include HSK and Nikken Polygon tapers.

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  • Nikken RAC Boring Head
  • Nikken RAC Boring Head
  • Nikken RAC Boring Head
  • A selection of Nikken RAC Boring Heads
Nikken RAC Boring

Features and Benefits

Nikken RAC Boring
  • "Scram" type cartridge system for powerful & smooth boring
  • Shoulder support with perfect contact for even distribution of cutting forces
  • Best choice for rough and semi-finish boring
  • High feed-rates and good swarf evacuation

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