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Service and Support

Photo: Nikken Service and Support


We are able to offer a wide range of service and support contracts to suit bespoke requirements:

Cost free site assessments are available to users with multiple Rotary Tables at their site. This option is useful to customers who are considering refurbishment, repair or one of our cost effective annual service contracts. For zero initial cost we will make a site visit where we will inspect any two units selected for their current status and condition. Upon completion a detailed report/quotation will be supplied outlining, should any problems have been highlighted, what would be required to return said units back to within normal specifications?

Annual service contracts are also offered to all our customers to guarantee the performance and effectiveness provided by our equipment. Cover can be provided to one or more rotary table or tool presetting machine and would also provide preferential rates and spare parts discounts.

For our extensive range of tool presetting machines we offer annual service and calibration visits to your site. This ensures that the repeatability and performance of the machinery satisfies the requirements of your quality control system


Mindful of the need to improve KPI’s such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness we can assist productivity and performance by reducing unplanned breakdowns and ensuring component and manufacturing quality.

With this in mind we have built our Service and Support department around the ability to provide a variety of service and inspection options which can be individually tailored to meet any requirement:

For our Rotary Tables a simultaneous site service and assessment is a popular and relatively low cost option. This can normally be carried out with the unit still in position within your machine. The visit provides a snapshot of the unit’s condition with regards to backlash, bearing condition, seal condition and the status of the worm screw/gear and any supply cables. This is followed up by a comprehensive report detailing any remedial work identified and also acts as an early warning of potential problems further down the line.