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Nikken Kosakusho & MicroLoc® deliver great benefits together

The MicroLoc® workholding system developed by Mike Jenness provides engineers with an accurate method of holding multiple work on a CNC milling machine. This versatile, expandable and high-density workholding solution clamps square, rectangular or round parts relative to known datum positions. The system was conceived to optimise machine time when working concurrently on multiple parts.

Producing MicroLoc using a Nikken Table and TAT

The MicroLoc® range which is recommended by Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd, continues to develop with four main ranges (50,60, 75 & 100 series). Power clamping is available for the 75 & 100 series if required to improve loading times and further reduce costs. The MicroLoc® system (manual or hydraulic) plays an important role in reducing the number of machine tool changes required, directly reducing production cycle times and ensuring the highest possible return on investment.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to maximise their return on investment, especially when they face difficult economic conditions. By partnering with Nikken Kosakusho, MicroLoc® are able to offer organisations an extremely affordable route in to 4th axis machining with a guaranteed system repeatability accuracy of ±25 microns.

The unbeatable solution for both general-purpose and sub-contract work could well be the Nikken CNC260 Rotary Table with accompanying table support. This can currently be purchased in conjunction with a MicroLoc 50 Series starter kit (including a MicroLoc® bridge, 2 small vices, 2 fixed jaws, 2 faceplates and a riser block for the Nikken table support). In fact, this is the very set-up that is currently used by MicroLoc® themselves to create the clamping jaws (see accompanying image) in the manufacturing facility at Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire.

Matthew Jenness, the son of MicroLoc® founder Mike Jenness, has trusted Nikken’s quality CNC Rotary Table solutions for many years. In fact, the company is still using a CNC 500 rotary table that was purchased over 20 years ago along with a selection of other Nikken rotary tables including a CNC 202 and the CNC 260 with table support. Talking recently with Robert Prior (Nikken’s Group Marketing Manager), Matthew explained “Nikken’s rotary table solutions were chosen for their outstanding reliability & build quality. Knowing that Nikken has a team of factory-trained service engineers working across the UK gives us great peace of mind should we ever suffer any production or technical issues.

“Having purchased Nikken products for years as a mainstay of our manufacturing process we are happy to recommend Nikken’s CNC rotary table and NC tooling solutions, especially to sub-contractors need to maximise the return on their investment”.

The current Nikken CNC260 and table support promotion incorporating MicroLoc’s 50 series starter set can be purchased for as little as £15,500 + VAT (including a standard motor and cables). This incredible offer is perfect for sub-contractors keen to attract new work that requires 4th axis machining but without investing in expensive new machining centres.

For further information about Nikken’s Rotary Table range equipped with a flexible MicroLoc® workholding solution, please contact Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd on 01709 366306 or alternatively call MicroLoc® directly on 01480 861321.

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View a video of MicroLoc manufacturing their own parts using a Nikken Rotary Table & table support.