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CNC260 Heavy Duty Rotary Table

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Code / Item Number CNC260
Diameter of Tableømm 260
Diameter of Spindle Hole ømm Ø80H7
Centre Height mm 170
Width of T Slot mm 12
Clamping System Air / Hyd
Clamping Torque N.m 588 / 1568
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft kg m2x10-3 0.33
Servo Motor min-1 4/4000i . 2000
MIN. Increment 0.001°
Rotation Speed min -1 16.6
Total Reduction Ratio 1/120
Indexing Accuracy sec 20
Net Weight kg 120
MAX Work Load on the Table
Verticalkg 175
Horizontalkg 350
MAX Thrust Load applicable on the Table N 25480
(F X L) N.m 984
(F X L) N.m 3332
MAX Work Inertia [Vertical]kg m2 3.2
Driving Torque N.m 192

The CNC260 is the most versatile 4th Axis Rotary Table Nikken Kosakusho has ever produced.

Manufactured to the very highest standards in our factory in Osaka, this table is commonly used on a wide range of vertical machining centres to provide 4th axis capabilities at a minimal cost.

The table can be installed with a standard air brake or can be equipped with a hydraulic braking system which virtually triples the clamping torque to a massive 1568 Nm.

Whatever your fourth axis requirement, this table’s versatility could be just the solution you need to make the most of your machining centre.


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